Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Your MILIKAI CO stroller and its accessories come with a 12 Month warranty to cover against faults in materials and workmanship when your products are used under normal conditions, according to our user manuals and technical specifications.

The 12 Month Warranty period starts from the date your product(s) are dispatched from our warehouse. For a claim to be valid, it must be made within the claims period. Warranty is only valid in country of purchase (Australia) we do not ship parts internationally.

There are a few circumstances under which the warranty is not valid including:
- defects resulting from improper care or use;
- normal wear and tear, including scratches to the pram frame;
- products that are purchased second hand or from an unauthorised distributor;
- faulty or incorrect assembly;
- using a part or accessory that is not compatible with the product and/or not manufactured by MILIKAI CO;
- tyre punctures;
- damage to handlebar grips or fabrics as a result of normal handling and daily use; and
- damage resulting from extreme heat conditions (i.e leaving in car on hot days)

How To Make A Warranty Claim

Send an email to hello@milikaico.com.au to notify us of your warranty claim. To validate your warranty claim we will require you to include in your email:

- a detailed description of the warranty defect including photographs and/or video;
- your contact details;
- attached invoice with order number

We will respond to your warranty claim within 7 business days and depending on the nature of the warranty claim, arrange collection of the product from your nominated address. Collection will take place on a business day (i.e. not a public holiday or weekend within your state or territory) between 7am and 5.30pm. Please take care to repack the product in its original packaging to avoid any damage occurring in the returns transit. We do not take responsibility for any damage that occurs in transit to and from our pram repairer. Once our pram repairer has received the product they will inspect and confirm the reported defect. We will then contact you with further information surrounding the repair such as the estimated turn around time.