Zoozaro Pram Pouch Bag

Zoozaro Pram Pouch Bag

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Do you find yourself juggling a basket & a stroller, limited to the space underneath & ending up with squashed bread & bananas? Does your pram or stroller tend to become unstable & tip over with weight on the handles?



The Zoozaro Pram Pouch was designed to combat these problems & provide a sleek, sophisticated bag for the discerning parent.

With a low centre of gravity, the bag is designed to help the stroller stay upright & easy to push even with over 5kg of shopping & without a child in the stroller. It hugs close to your stroller leaving plenty of room for walking.

No more wrestling with bags, baskets, shopping & children! The bag increases the storage capacity for your shop, so you don’t need to try & fit everything underneath the stroller. There is even a cute, discreet, easy access pocket to fit your phone or wallet

  • Free shipping.
  • Fits bassinet attachment as well as forward & rear facing positions.
  • Easily attaches to the frame of your stroller.
  • Allows you an additional 5kg of readily accessible storage.
  • Disconnects from the frame of your stroller quickly.
  • Easy access handle & pocket for seamless use.
  • Can be folded down with the stroller for easy storage.
  • Perfect for trips to the markets, shops, park, playground, beach etc
  • Fits all single width strollers
  • Fits double strollers with handle width up to 73cm.
  • Exclusive patented design

Dimensions (cm): 45l x 20w x 30d

Care & maintenance: spot clean, hand wash & dry on flat surface in shade. Do not machine wash, do not tumble dry.