Summer Heatwave Tips for Children in Strollers

Summer sure is sizzling at the moment! According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, new summer temperature records have been smashed across much of the country, and these record temperatures are only the beginning.

During heatwaves extra precaution needs to be taken, especially for children in prams and strollers, as we venture to escape the heat. 

Here are some of our tips to beat the heat when out & about with bub:

☀ Plan your activities to occur early in the morning, or from late afternoon onwards to avoid the hottest part of the day.

☀ Retreat under shade, when possible.

☀ Offer fluids to your child frequently, if breastfeeding offer extra breastfeeds and ensure you are also rehydrating yourself regularly too. Keep a bottle of water within easy reach in your pram or stroller’s cup holder.

☀ Dress your children in light, loose clothing, & apply sunscreen on exposed skin for babies over 6 months. For babies under 6 months, best to stay indoors.

☀ Have a damp face towel on hand to intermittently wipe bub’s body down to keep cool.

☀ Ensure there is sufficient air circulation in your pram or stroller by not covering with any form of blanket or cloth. Even the lightest cloth can increase the internal pram temperature by at least 10°C when in 30°C temperatures for 30 minutes. If possible, unzip, detach, or remove a panel on the pram or stroller to increase air circulation

☀ Utilise a pram liner made from breathable, natural fibres - such as cotton, to prevent prickly heat rash. Cotton permits aeration and absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping bub cool and comfortable. Most prams and strollers are made from polyester due to the durability of the material. Polyester is not effective at heat and moisture dissipation which is required to keep cool in the heat. This may irritate bub during hot days.

One of our favourite things to do during heatwaves is to sit under a big shady tree, preferably near a beach, have a quick dip in the water and laze around in the shade.

Please feel free to share your top tips to beat the heat!

~ Roxy

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